Overseas promotional services


Presence at international fairs

Our association organises group participation in the international fairs that are most relevant to the sector, in which it has the support of official Spanish organisations.

Organisation of direct trade missions

Over the past five years we have carried out more than forty direct trade missions in which around one hundred and fifty companies have participated.

The choice of countries is approved by the companies present at the area promotional meetings, held specifically for that purpose.

This activity has the support of official Spanish agencies and embassies in each country.

LaThe choice of countries is approved by the companies present at the area promotion meetings, held specifically for that purpose.

The grant is awarded by ICEX and the different Autonomous Communities.

Supply and demand

Our association puts a database with more five thousand entries at the disposal of Spanish manufacturers. It contain all the important data for the main importers in each country, including the type of product they deal with.

If you are an importer and would like to request information from Spanish manufacturers, fill out the following questionnaire, and our association will make it available to all our partners. We'll also add you to our database and keep you updated on all product news.

European projects

The Framework Programmes proposed by the European Union have become important methods of financing through which the European Commission supports the research and development activities of companies.

We promote participation in these programs through our partnership, which offer the opportunity to develope competitive, innovative and high-level research in the international arena.

We are additionally available to offer personalised advice to all those interested in preparing a proposal and taking part in any of the various official events and on the rules for participation.

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ARVET is the Association of Exporters of Manufactured Goods. Its purpose is to promote the internationalization of its associated members.

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