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What is Arvet ?

Grouping of Transformer Exporters.

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ARVET is the Association of Exporters of Manufactured Goods. Its purpose is to promote the internationalization of the associated companies and collaborate with organizations such as the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) among others.

The Association now counts about 200 members from hardware/DIY, bathroom equipment, cleaning and hygiene, construction materials, machinery and other manufacturing industry sectors.

The Association is not for profit. It is financed through affiliate fees and services rendered. Our associates play a significant role in our national export: last year they exported for an approximate value of 600 million euros.

ARVET can count on a network of promoters abroad as one of the most innovative services it provides. These are one of the group’s most important assets and they help the company in the three most important phases of internationalization: Access, Implementation And Consolidation abroad. In addition, they can interpret and convey the opportunities and hazards associated with each country.

Brief history

The ARVET association was established more than 45 years ago, founded in 1970 under the patronage of the Chambers of Commerce of the Valencian Community, with whom it cooperates in pursuing the same export goals.

Throughout its history, ARVET has always worked alongside its members assisting in their first stage of exporting and, later, in internationalizing their company.

In 2005, ARVET included the bathroom and cleaning equipment sectors, expanding the range of manufacturing companies that make up the group.

In recent years, ARVET was able to adapt to the needs and situations of its associates, ensuring internationalization works for them as a way to grow as well as developing their own company.

ARVET has accumulated much experience along its more than 40 years of history, becoming the export department for many of its members. In the future, the objective is to increase the number of manufacturing sectors it serves and further consolidate the network of ARVET promoters abroad.

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ARVET is the Association of Exporters of Manufactured Goods. Its purpose is to promote the internationalization of its associated members.

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